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Second draft 9.5.2003:

Campanile by architect H.R.Hiegel, Frankfurt, Germany.

Detailed background information on the story of a highrise building.

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In 1945 many people returned or came to Frankfurt/M. Amongst them Josef Buchmann, born in Poland 1930, whose parents lost their lifes during the Holocaust. According to the press Josef opened a shop at the Zeil as soon as 1948 and organized a band of robbers.

1962 Buchmann built his first highrise in Frankfurt. During the following years to come, even still during the seventies the local press very often mentioned his name when it came to alleged bribery and corruption.

1973 Publication of the much discussed book by the renowned writer Gerhard Zwerenz "Die Erde ist unbewohnbar wie der Mond" ("Earth is, like the moon, a place impossible to live on"). A critique on the situation of the Federal Republic of Germany. The book turns to be a scandal because Zwerenz describes the figure of a jewish real estate speculator. Fassbinder uses the book for his play "Der Müll, die Stadt und der Tod" . Both authors are confronted with alleged antisemitism.

1974 After years of speculation the City of Frankfurt publishes a book "Hot ground", edited by Rdolf Heinrich Appel

1974/75 Rainer Werner Fassbinder launches the play "Der Müll, die Stadt und der Tod" and shortly afterwards, 1976, the film "Der Schatten der Engel" / "The shadows of the angels" with swiss filmmaker Daniel Schmid. International public uproar: Time Magazine 3.5.76 "West Germany A Furor Over `The Rich Jew`", Sunday Times: "Should a German write a play about a Jewish crook?" and many others. See cover of the book 1976.

Schatten der Engel. A Film by Daniel Schmid after the Rainer Werner Fassbinder play "DER MÜLL, DIE STADT UND DER TOD" - "GARBAGE, THE CITY AND DEATH". Zweitausendeins publishers, Frankfurt 1976 

1975/76 Well-renowned Bertelsmann publishers make a book on " zB Frankfurt, Die Zerstörung einer Stadt" - "e.g.Frankfurt. The destruction of a town." by author Jürgen Roth. ISBN/ISSN 3-570-02344-3. Buchmann plays a main negative part. The book is not on sale any more. But it can be lent from the library of the Federal High Law Court, Karlsruhe. Joschka Fischer and Daniel Cohn-Bendit are streetfighters against injustice and brutal power.

1983 The project Campanile is being initiated by the Frankfurt City Planning Authority. Both the house architect of Josef Buchmann, Helmut Joos, as well as a young german, AA trained architect, H.R.Hiegel work on the project. Joos works on private initiative, H.R.Hiegel being asked by Florian Mausbach, deputy planner of the City of Frankfurt.

1985 FNP, Frankfurter Neue Presse, attacks architect Joos because of alleged pirating the design of H.R.Hiegel. Not very long afterwards the journalist, Armando Karzmaryk dies in Berlin. Quiet a few similar events take place in other places, e.g. Karlsruhe, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Berlin.

1986 H.R.Hiegel`s project publised in Tokyo by a+u, renowned international japanese architectural magazine. With an introduction by Prof. Thilo Hilpert.

1990 NEOCLASSICO in Trieste, Italy, catologue, including the Campanile project by H.R.Hiegel, edited by Prof. Roberto Masiero, University of Venice and Marsilio Editori

1990 December, FNP, Frankfurter Neue Presse, reports that the new Mayor of Frankfurt, Volker Hauff, is not willing to accept the former goverments cooperation with criminals. Josef Buchmann being reported on the negative side of the story .

Lord Mayor Walter Wallmann`s and other CDU-politian`s questioned involement in making contracts with criminals. Hersch Beker and Josef Buchmann mentioned. 
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1991 On TV : one of the most important german TV stations, the ZDF presents: "Die Mafia am Main", roumors being reported, Josef Buchmann to be the "Godfather" of Frankfurt.

as reported by the FAZ, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 

1991 Only days after the report on TV, the Mayor of Frankfurt, Volker Hauff, declines.

1995 German newspaper reports on the efforts of H.R.Hiegel to contribute to building brigdes between Germany and Israel
Brueckenschlag vom Judenbad nach Jerusalem; Mike Turner, OB Schineller, H.R. Hiegel


1996 A year after the assasination of Jitzak Rabin, a friend of Josef Buchmann, israelian citizen refuse funds by Buchmann. See Haaretz article below.

Article by the israelian newspaper Haaretz towards the end of 1996

1999 The Fassbinder play "Der Müll, die Stadt und der Tod" is put on stage in hebrew in Tel Aviv by Joram Löwenstein. Director of The Performing Arts Studio, Tel Aviv  

2001 Part of german press try to expell Joschka Fischer as Minister of the Exterior because of his involvement 1973.

2002 January. The H.R.Hiegel scheme for the Campanile Frankfurt is selected by an international jury of the UIA, Union International d`Architecture. Together with projects from England, Russia, Israel und Bulgaria. To this success and Hiegel`s efforts to contribute to the appeasement of the israelian-palestinian cultural conflict the President of Germany, Johannes Rau congratulates. 
  Campanile, H.R.Hiegel, architect UIA-selected: H.R.Hiegel, Karlsruhe, architect, Germany: Frankfurt Campanile. Consisting of three parts : "city of now", "skyscraper" and "crystal" UIA-page on the atlas of the future of architecture for details and other projects.

Architecture and peace mission: the painter Daniel Mahr, architect H.R.Hiegel and his project Campanile, Frankfurt. Mentioned by Bundespräsidenten Johannes Rau. Otmar Alt, Peter Steinacker, J.P. Kleihues, Will Alsop

2002 June. Josef Buchmann doctor honoris causa, Tel Aviv University.

2002 December. The magazine "Business Crime" reports on the tragedy of architect H.R.Hiegel, his four kids and his family, mentioning Josef Buchmann as an ill-famed investor.

2003 April. Ernst Gerhardt doctor honoris causa, Tel Aviv University, friend of Josef Buchmann.

In 1989 Gerhardt made contracts with Buchmann concerning the Naxos-Halle; since then the citizen of Frankfurt must pay millions of €s a year for a nearly empty and unused edifice. Still in 2003.

2003 May. Renowned newspaper "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" writes about Hiegels scheme: "The Campanile is missing". 
  Sueddeutsche Zeitung on Campanile The Sueddeutsche Newspaper recalls the alignment of the Campanile in the programm of the Frankfurt-CDU (Christian Democrat Party) and the Social Democrats refusal of the scheme. The SPD could be proud of Hiegel`s academic success.    Full article in german.

2004 January. After several publications on architectural theory and a presentation on tv, the "Badische Neueste Nachrichten" report on Hiegels honorable mention by the Berlin based league for democracy and tolerance.

BNN: Badische Neueste Nachrichten
Full BNN article in german.

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